Transparency and curation

People are welcome to give directly to the charities and in the allotments that we suggest, without restriction. Since some donors may choose to use us as an intermediary, we offer several forms of transparency to allow anyone to audit our behavior.

  1. Algorithmic transparency

For each cause, we publish the method we use to generate the list and algorithm by which we assign donations to charities. An algorithm to make decisions is less biased than individual selection and curation because it is a set of specific instructions that are followed to make a decision. This removes any personal biases that may be present when an individual is making a decision.

  1. Fiscal transparency

We maintain anonymized public ledgers of gifts from individuals and towards organizations. By posting in both locations, donors can easily check that their gifts have been published and charities are able to identify the total amount which they are owed.

  1. Organizational transparency