Frequently asked questions

What sort of an organization is Cause Focus?

Cause Focus was begun January 17th, 2023, and is still filing for our organizational form.

What portion of the money donated goes to the cause?

Each donor may decide which portion of their gift goes directly to their cause.  By default, Cause Focus suggests that donors give 3% to maintain these indices and to develop additional tools for giving.  When donors use credit cards or online payment platforms, Cause Focus retains an additional 3.25% to cover associated fees.

What is a cause-focused index?

A cause-focused index is a curated set of vetted U.S.-based 501(c)(3) organizations that work on a single cause.  Cause Focus couples these lists with an algorithm to allocate gifts between these indexed charities.

What does it cost to use Cause Focus' tools or indices?

Nothing.  All of our indices are published as are the current-state algorithms which determine allocations.  If you would like to use our indices without telling us, the lists, the allocations, and the algorithms which determine target allocations are all published.  

Other questions?

Please feel free to email us at