We regularly publish cause-focused lists with recommended allocations

Regularly updated allocations to "best in class" charities allow donors to give to the best charities at any moment - immediately, or in the future.

When people donate, they rarely give to the charities that do the most good per dollar. People tend to donate to charities that they have an emotional connection to, rather than those that are most effective per dollar. Charities that are well-known and have strong branding tend to receive more donations than those that are less well-known or have less of a presence. Additionally, people tend to donate to charities that are local to them or that are focused on causes that they are passionate about.  However, these giving heuristics are not available when people seek to give to a new cause and may be inappropriate when planning charitable giving at death.

By maintaining an "evergreen" and algorithmic list of charities which pursue specific causes, we allow people to choose the causes they care about without worrying about the efficacy or changing focus of specific charities.  

Removing the decision as to which charity someone should give to will increase giving because it will remove the cognitive load of having to make a decision. When people are given a choice, they often experience decision fatigue, which is a phenomenon in which people become overwhelmed by the number of choices they have to make and eventually stop making choices altogether. This can lead to people not giving to charity at all, or giving less money than they would have if they had not been given a choice.